Reflexology in South West London

Heather Field – Massage Therapy is a specialist in Reflexology in South West London, bringing “Spa Experience” reflexology services to your home or workplace. 


What is Reflexology?

Reflexology is an ancient system of healing based upon the principle that from pressing on specific points or ‘reflexes’ on the feet these reflexes correlate to other parts of the body.

Organs, glands and systems can be stimulated via the thousands of nerves in each foot, so when the reflexes are pressed upon the signal or energy travels along the nerve to the specific part of the body that reflex represents.

How Can Reflexology Help?

Reflexology is not only deeply relaxing it can also help improve imbalances in the body and restore the body’s equilibrium. Although reflexologists do not claim to cure or diagnose it has been noted that reflexology can help with:

Digestive problems

Spinal/back issues

Sinus issues/headaches


Irregular periods and hormonal imbalances

Infertility (both men and women)


Pregnancy & Reflexology

Reflexology can help maintain your body at its optimum condition for conceiving and help prepare you for fertility treatments.

It can also give you the much needed mental support by de-stressing you and your partner, giving you the strength and positivity for the best possible chance of succeeding.Many midwives recommend reflexology as they found it can help with: digestives problems, fluid retention, morning sickness and back issues. It is also a great method to use if you are overdue to help stimulate blood flow and energy to those vital areas.

Reflexology can also be used post natal to help the body heal.

Cloud 9 Reflexology Treatment

A reflexology treatment to help realign any internal issues that massage just can’t reach. Pressure points are stimulated and feet are massaged until you are walking on Cloud 9.

A toe-tally great treatment!

30 mins: £45 | 45 mins: £55 | 1 hour: £65

"Half & Half" Treatment

Why not have the best of both worlds and mix up your time with two treatments!
Browse through the treatment list and take your pick.


For example you could have half an hour massage and half an hour reflexology.

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