Massage: Pampering or does it have a purpose?

Ok, Pampering is good for you. It isn’t open for debate. So when people ask “is pampering good for you” the answer is a resounding “yes” – and here’s why.

Don’t Feel Guilty About Feeling Good!

‘It’s such a treat’, ‘I’m really indulging myself having this massage’ and ‘I wish I could do this more often but I can’t justify pampering myself too often.’ These are just some of the sentence’s I hear my clients or random walk-in client’s say to me.

This frustrates me to say the least that massage after all these years and after many studies showing how beneficial massage is, is still seen as ‘indulgent’ and ‘pampering’. I feel massage has come such a long way from these two words.

Yes going to a spa and putting on a white fluffy robe and comfy slippers is seen as indulgent, but can you really put a price on that big ‘ahhh’ when you finally lay down and have someone else’s hands placed on you and work out those knots.

Pampering Is Looking After Your Body – and Mind

Our bodies are hardworking engines and like the engines of cars we put them through many miles of physical and mental strain but unlike our car’s we do not regularly service our bodies or give them an MOT. We push our bodies and minds on and on until something breaks and then we realise we need to see someone and do something about it.

Prevention is better than cure as the saying goes. Look after your body and mind and it will serve you well. I could list all the benefits of massage but that would bore you and me as we all know it helps to relax, helps the circulation, improves flexibility, and lowers blood pressure bla, bla, bla….

Pampering – The Body MOT

What is an hour once a month to have some ‘ you’ time to let your mind wonder away from work, and have those ‘niggles’ seen too. What is an hour once a month to maintain your engine? You wouldn’t think twice about adding oil to your car, or pumping the tyres up. Don’t we all get a little deflated sometimes and need to be lifted?

Most of us will be working well into our 70’s now and need to maintain ourselves physically and mentally. We need to realise what we put in our mouths is more powerful than anything you’ll find in a bottle of pills and that listening to our bodies and taking time out with some hands on therapies is giving our bodies the service it needs and deserves.