5 Things to look for in a good Massage Therapist.

how to find a good massage therapistLet’s be truthful, we’ve not all had great experiences finding the right massage therapist.

We have either asked for a deep tissue massage and instead it has felt like we were being stroked by a feather, or we wanted something relaxing and have come out feeling battered and bruised, not to mention experiencing cold treatment rooms and dirty salons.

All this can leave us feeling more frustrated and stressed than when that when we went in, but I have good news! It doesn’t have to be like this as listed below are five steps you can follow to help find a good massage therapist for you.

1. What do you want to achieve from the treatment?

We all want different results from a massage, so it’s important to ask yourself what you want to get out of the treatment?

Are you looking for pain relief in a particular area, treating a medical condition like a trapped nerve, or are you just looking for some relaxation and down time?

Different types of massage achieve different results, for example, if you have tension in a certain area, a deep tissue massage therapist should do the trick rather than a holistic therapist.

A medical condition/sports injury, you should look for a sports therapist or a physiotherapist, or if you are just stressed out and want some general tension relief, most therapist’s should be able to help, as we are all first trained in Swedish massage before we can progress onto other areas.

2. Read about the different types of massage offered in your area.

Reading up about the different types of massage available in your area will help you find the best massage that will achieve your treatment goals.

As mentioned above if you have a specific problem a deep tissue or sports massage would be for you, however, do keep in mind massage therapy may not be the therapy for your needs. There are other body therapies that help relieve pain like cranial sacral therapy and rolfing, plus many more. You can talk to a specialist about these.

3.What environment do you want your massage in?

Do you prefer to relax at home, so after your massage you can roll into bed?

Or do you do associate your home with chores and children and prefer the sanctuary of a spa?

Whichever you prefer, make sure when you are searching that your therapist provides a treatment in your chosen environment.

4. What do you know about the therapist themselves

  • What type of qualifications/education do they have? Is it officially recognised? – Look for ITEC, BABTAC, VTCT, NVC.
  • Are they insured to carry out the treatments they are providing?
  • How many year’s experience do they have? The more years, the more experience.
  • What types of clients do they work with? Check to see if they specialise in a certain area (elderly or sports injuries) and if they do, do you fit in that area?
  • Read reviews and check out their website.
  • Finally, if in doubt give them a call. A quick phone call can answer any questions you may have.

5. The only real to know is to try.

One of the best ways to find the right massage therapist is to your liking is to book a treatment and give them a try!

You don’t have to try an hour at first, you could try 30 minutes to start off with and if you think the treatment ticks all of your boxes, next time you can book for an hour or even 90 minutes.

And remember just because the therapist may tick all the boxes doesn’t mean you will necessarily gel with them or like their style of massage and that’s okay, as it means you are closer to finding the right therapist for you.

How would you find a good massage therapist? Please leave your comments below.