Corporate Massage in South West London

Heather Field – Massage Therapy provides corporate massage in South West London – visiting businesses and soothing the stress of their employees. Office massage services are available in; Kingston upon Thames, Wimbledon, Tolworth, Chessington, Esher, Richmond. Other areas covered on request, please enquire.

The Benefits of Corporate Massage


  • Reduce staff absence due to stress, thus save your company money .
  • Boost motivation and morale at work
  • Raise awareness of stress management, posture correction, and other health issues to create a healthier working environment
  • Relieve back, neck and shoulder pain, stress and tension, RSI, fatigue, headaches and eye strain
  • Increase productivity, sales and overall efficiency of your workforce
  • Provide cost effective health benefits

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Corporate Massage Services and Costs 

  • Treatments range in length of time, and can be from between 10 and 60 minutes.
  • Prices start from as little as £20 per person.

On-site Massage

On-site Massage is another unique service offered by Heather.

The treatment of Indian head massage, acupressure and deep tissue moves make the on-site massage a truly enjoyable and beneficial experience for any employee.

As well as providing workstation assessment and postural advice Heather can provide practical solutions in prevention of back pain and repetitive strain injuries(RSI).

Happier Staff

Research shows that happy staff are less likely to be off sick.

Greater Productivity

Happier, healthier staff are likely to also be more productive.

Healthy Environment

Reduce risk of RSI, Stress, Depression and other issues.

Book an Appointment

If you are looking for a qualified, professional corporate massage services in South West London – including Kingston upon Thames, Wimbledon, Tolworth, Chessington, Esher & Richmond – then Heather is waiting to hear from you to discuss your needs.